Monday, May 10, 2010

Hockey Falls - Sweet Jacket

Hockey Falls - Honk

"More Holidays"

Cinco De MAyo just based, and its a pretty meaningless holiday in the states, but even still lots of people use it as an excuse to go out to the bar on a weekend night and get twisted. On my bucket list, I want to find a holiday in August (the only month without one) to kick off. IT will have something to do with events long, long ago with other Countries, like St Paddy's( removing snakes) and Cinco De MAyo (something about the MExicans going to war or something) and people will embrace it and get intoxicated now matter what day of the week it lands on.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"exit zero"

According to many reports people are leaving the garden state in droves. Over taxed and inflated home prices are causing people to pick up and leave. I know several people including a good friend and a close family member who are currently scheming to leave. In addition to some other friends I know who have left in the last few years or aspire to leave once they stop renting and start buying.

New Jersey seems to be a state where almost no one retires in. Mainly because of the ridiculous taxes that have feed the greedy politicians in the most part over the last two decades have made it a lot harder to stay after your working days are over. What puzzles me is the fact that way still seem the need to decimate nature and continue to develop land for new homes, when perfectly nice ones are empty waiting for owners.

We also seem obsessed with leveling trees in order to build a tiny strip of stores before they even have tenants. I can only imagine some rich asshole is some how using these buildings as write offs. Go figure. Drive around awhile and count the empty shopping centers that were built in the last two years, also count the ones that have been in a coma for a decade or two. Whats the point of these?

But It will be really interesting to see the 2010 census stats on how much of the population is hemorrhaging and wear. My guess is Flordia, NC and tax free shopping Delaware.

WIth all that is going on in the state right now, it seems low on the governments list of concerns and simply shouldn't be.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Life & Times of Tim: Exit Row (HBO)

This from the funnist show no one but me watches. Its on HBO and called the Life and Times of Tim. Its on Friday nights now, but does that even matter anymore? Its on demand the very next day so I just watch it Saturdays or Sunday. Its kind of like Curb meets Dr. Katz.

Friday, April 23, 2010


So supposedly the stretch of 295 that I use to make it to work each day is now a several mile long speed trap. Apparently the cops are upset that people keep speeding and are having no regard for safety of other drivers. They have cops in overpasses with radar guns trying to clock cars from above. After they get reading they dispatch cops sometimes in unmarked cars in order to pull you over and get you a ticket that will be doubled in construction zones. I tried to make note of it today on the way to work, but I was too busy texting about last nights Flyers game and messing with my new I-pod.